Our Strategy

Our high quality, low risk, fixed income strategy is tailored to preserve the conservative / bulletproof portion of the client’s asset base. Through a labor intensive, quantitative valuation process, our model-based strategy seeks to add value above market performance all the while controlling / reducing the risks that conventional investment grade bond strategies incur    
The strategy’s success of adding value above market performance lies within the processes of credit selection, active portfolio construction, and the relative value trading of top quality grade Municipal bonds that offer the highest degree of liquidity. We invest in securities and maturity ranges along the front-end of the yield curve that are undervalued at the point of purchase, giving the portfolio the potential to outperform the market.

There is no market timing, no interest rate forecasting, no leverage and no lax from discipline. The strategy performs within a low-risk framework, seizing the price inefficiencies that exist today in the Municipal bond marketplace.

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